Beware Intuit QuickBooks tech “support” SCAM!

It seems Intuit Quickbooks has hidden or closed access to their customer to customer forums.  I encountered this Intuit tech “support” scam when trying to get help for a crashing Quickbooks 2012 on the Mac:

Aw, snap!

QB 2012 crash on Startup HELP!

I just upgraded to Mountain Lion on 2 computers. On my laptop, my QB 2012 works fine using the Same QB file on the Cloud. But on my desktop I get the splash screen and an immediate crash every time. The My Time (time tracking app) is also crashing.
I called tech support, but all these guys from India want to do is sell me an upgrade to 2013 “guaranteed” to work with Mt. Lion. Which is a total scam because I downloaded a trial of 2013 and it crashes just like 2012. I called tech back and they want to sell me 2013 and upgrade my files or charge me $400 to fix my customer file… which obviously is not the problem if it is working on my other computer!!! That is pure a baloney  bait and switch scam.  It has nothing to do with tech support. It has everything to do with selling you something you don’t need.

So, what should I do. Completely uninstall QB from my computer and reinstall? I tried a reinstall with a drag and drop of 2012 but something is badly porked deeper than the application.


**UPDATE: **   Apparently, I am not quite sure…,  the problem was a corrupt MyTime file.  I did several things, like reset permissions and attempt a safe reboot (which did not quite work!), and restarted again, and QB 2012  returned to normal.   All of that convinces me that the whole “help” line for Intuit is not really there to help you at all, but to scam you into an upgrade.  The fact that 2 different tech support people only offered the same options means that their only protocol is to abuse the user with false information and false guarantees of fixing the problem.

27 comments on “Beware Intuit QuickBooks tech “support” SCAM!

  1. Hi Jefferis,
    I’m sorry you’re having trouble with QuickBooks and the Intuit forums. I’ve been working in the forums throughout the day and I haven’t seen any down time so far.
    Here is a link to the Mac forums – http://community.intuit.com/category/quickbooks-for-mac
    The experts are usually very responsive in the Mac forum.
    I’m Host_Bryan on the forums, so if you need some help please let me know know.

  2. “Sorry you’re having trouble” doesn’t cut it. Quickbooks “support” is an illegal scam (being currently investigated). When support is contacted, they try to sell you a “tech support package” for $549. In a setup situation, developed specifically for investigative purposes, tech support was called to assist us in fixing a problem. They remoted in and worked for over an hour and oddly enough, couldn’t fix the problem but they COULD fix it if we bought the support package. We told them no thanks. We then Googled the problem and found a solution in less than 3 minutes. We’re supposed to believe that their tech support people weren’t aware of the simple solution to the problem that THEY created? Unlikely.

  3. I just encountered the same problem, called tech support because I couldn’t update my computer, they tried to sell me 4 years of tech support for $499. They were able to get into my computer should I remove everything to a mac?

    • I am not sure what or how you gave them access to your computer, so I can’t answer the security issue. I have just encountered a problem with Turbotax on the Mac and Quicken 2015 (Also Intuit products). I have used Quicken for business expenses ONLY because Quickbooks does not export to TurboTax. However, Intuit is cutting features for business on Turbotax Deluxe Mac, but ‘graciously’ giving it to me free this year because I have been such a “good customer.” I smell a rat. I use Schedule C and K-1 forms, now I’ll have to pay extra for the same features. Quicken 2015 works pretty well, but it really messed up the imports from Quicken 2007, dropping many of my tax categories for business and failing to do clear imports into TurboTax. I think I’m done with TT…
      However, if you really need Quickbooks, I would suggest that you run it in Parallels on a Mac or get a separate Windows computer just for business and use the Windows versions. From what I read, they are doing a modestly better job on Windows and have more features. However, if you aren’t using any of their products yet, I would look for a completely different solution. This is probably my last year for TurboTax.

  4. I just upgraded to QB Premier Contractor 2015. Worked on main server workstation and one additional workstation. The third had a problem, so I called support. I told them that some files had not expanded on the third computer but he ignored me, went straight to the registry, searched the word ‘error’ and told me I needed an upper level technician because my situation was very dire, and that I would lose all my data. Problem was, I was actually on the workstation that WORKED when he dialed in! So he told me it would probably crash in a day or two, and tried to sell me a support plan for $430 dollars. I hung up and called back later. The next guy went to the exact same place and showed me the ‘Dire’ error message, even though I told him what was going on with the missing files. He tried to sell me the same $430 support plan, saying that my company file was corrupted, when it was actually working on the two workstations!

    • All I can say is “Wow” Good proof of the corruption.

    • After 24 years with Quicken & Quicken Deluxe, during which time I probably call for support no more than a half-dozen times, I couldn’t get the credit card statements to download About 10 years ago. They informed me they had changed their files, so I would have to upgrade to the newest edition, in order to regain that function. A couple years later I had some other trouble and called. They said they offered no support now, since my Program was over two years old. Had to stay within the two-year window for active support. Strangely enough, every so often the exact same thing would happen
      . I’m just 16 months into Quicken 2014, and downloads won’t work again. After some 90 minutes troubleshooting with my bank, they could not find anything wrong. I could access the website with no problems, except when attempting to download from Quicken. Finally, they gave me the number for Intuit, where this very nice gentleman remotely entered my computer, told me my files were not sinking properly, and all I needed was a $189 one time or a $299 two year contract. It would be one hell of a lot cheaper to simply purchase next year’s software. But, of course, it won’t be long into 2017 before it all happens again. Just recently one of my other software companies started pulling the same game, only they were playing for a little bigger dollars. Welcome to the world of total corruption. I believe our fearless leader called it “CHANGE”.

  5. This just happened to me today. No bank feed from my Chase accounts, called Intuit and they said I was in dire need of high level tech service or all of my date will be lost. One year service contract $699 to fix!!!! Plus need to upgrade to QB 2016. HOW DO I GET AROUND THIS? I’m no techy, I have no idea how to fix this myself. ANYONE???

    • what version do you have? There is a planned obsolescence for older versions where they stop supporting the bank interfaces due to increased or changed security standards. My first choice, less costly, would be to upgrade to a newer version of QB. First: You can try deleting your current account and creating a new one or turning off your current one and creating a new one and see if it will connect. If that doesn’t work, you may need to upgrade an older version…

  6. I totally agree that it is a scam. I use Quickbooks POS 12 in conjunction with the latest version of Quickbooks and paid $1750 all of it less than a year ago. My POS Data file would not open today and nothing i did could change that. I finally called support and was surprised that call was immediately answered by Tech Support guy. That he was from India, did not surprise me.
    Normally, Tech Support has to be reached after going through an automated phone system and then they determine who you are, customer number and pull up a file on you to determine your registration number, I went through none of that, another alarm bell. The Tech then used remote software to look at few error codes on my PC and asked if both POS and the Accounting program were giving me problems. I told him just POS was. He then told me that both programs were corrupted and that the backup files were corrupted as well. He then proceeded to explain how it would take 2 to 3 hours to fix and a 1 year plan was $999.99! I really began to smell a rat with that, his hard to understand English and the other people that I heard in the background. I decided to ask him if he would tell me what my customer number was. He said Quickbooks protects that info and that he did not know. I started thinking that perhaps he was not even with Intuit. Once I started protesting he said that he could give me a special 1 time fix of $300 dollars. When i asked about reinstalling the software, he told me that “probably” would not work since all the backup files were corrupt. I got rid of the guy and reinstalled the software on a different computer then loaded my backup files and it worked just fine. I then went back to the original machine and was about to delete and reinstall but wanted to make sure computer was not the problem with Virus or other errors. I have been wanting to try PC Matic and went ahead and downloaded the program, paid my 50 bucks and Presto! Quickbooks POS works fine now, opens data file and I did not Have to reinstall anything. I did not expect that result so I’m pleased.

  7. Be aware even if Quickbooks support you called is really the Intuit Quickbook support! What I mean is, there are scammers in India posting a fake support phone number all over the web so it comes up when you google “quick books support phone number” the scammers phone number appears at the top of the search results. Beware and get your tech support phone number to call directly from the intuit website. IF you gave the scammers remote access to your computer with company file, they probably copied/stole your file/data.

  8. Today I just found this scam forum. The scammers, India guys pretended and acted exactly like they were tech support from Intuit. In Jan. 2016, they remotely accessed to my computer and said that my company file was corrupted. They fixed the problem and offered me $450 for renewing 2016 service plan. They told me that Intuit offered better price than last year. A few days later when I tried to renew payroll service, I called Intuit and was told never received $450. I realized that this guy was not from Intuit. I immediately called 1855-477-0075 and the guy agreed to refund. On 2/23/2016 I did received a check and deposited it but the check was bounced. After that I called many times and talked to Robert Abell, Alelan, Sean, Peter, Steve, and Neil (manager). Amazingly they all had very good attitude and tried to comfort me with all kinds of excuses for delaying a refund check, and promised me I would get a refund check plus bank bounce fee on certain day, but they are all liars!! Today 1855-477-0075 is unavailable, website is available.
    Company name: Trutech Solution
    10 Country Road, 203, Planters Ville, TX 77363


    I hope this harmful company had been creaked down!!

  9. The official quickbooks support number is 1-877-797-5809 I have already been scammed out of india

    • I thought I was calling from a number on the intuit website… I wonder ….

    • I don’t feel so bad today as I too thought I had called intuit for service and got india. Pleasant people eager to help but avoid saying they are not Intuit. In fact according to emails, they call themselves hostbooks.
      I paid the 299 service fee which I was told “would update my 2014 premiere to run ok for next 3 or 4 yrs. I could not take advantage of the 399 upgrade to 2017 because my 2014 version was too old.
      Long story short, they logged in, scoured thru my computer and tried a number of ghings, the started the lies. 1) your data base is cortupt. I showed them how it still worked on 3 other units all sharing the same d base.2) said it will not work because Microsoft chanel so much, 2024 will no longer communicate. Again I pointed out how it worked on rest of neteork, all running windows 7. Lastly, they removed and reinstalled three times and finally got it to work if I created a new user.
      They said they had fixed it and moved on.
      Next morning, it didn’t woork. I called the real intuit, explained the challenge and they went in to check, fixed the problem in 20 minutes.
      I called, asked for a refund and was told it will be 5 to 7 days. I have yet to see refund.
      It is safe to say there are many companies scamming like this now. Be aware, they are not Intuit. Any Intuit does not acknowledge them.

  10. Just tried calling the 877 number and got the fast busy signal. Online chat is not working. WTF is going on? I just gave control of my computer to India but disconnected after I got suspicious (probably too late). Luckily, I used Amex to buy Qkn 2016, so I can cancel the purchase. intuit has always sucked, but now it the entire company has officially benn corrupted. I feel I must now find new encryption for allmy accounts before I use homemade spreadsheets again. Where are the pitchforks and shovels?

  11. They are also using blackhat techniques for snippet on google

  12. New User QB Pro 2017 – purchased online – never told if any version of Quicken is on the same computer – Quickbooks Pro 2017 will not execute. Tech support then says I have to reinstall QB Pro 2017 on a different computer that does not have Quicken installed! Amazing that these 2 different software’s cause a conflict. Plus the annual support & upgrade costs are extremely expensive. A complete ripoff

  13. Interesting that QB Technical support states that Quicken & QB are incompatible that causes QB to execute for 1 day of initial load and subsequent days “Quickbooks has stopped working” …. with no change or additional software loaded. The I have to run QB on a computer with Quicken not installed. And why QB Tech support does not log on using http://www.123rescue.com to determine the cause of the none working brand new piece of software … Jefferis, I believe your post 100% and QB Tech support really just wants to sell additional support services for a 2017 package that has flaws. Thanks for your post

  14. This happened to me today too!! …. I called what I believed to be support. The guy was in India and told me I had corrupt files. He said my tech support ran out a few days ago so I needed to renew it…. I could pay $695 for 3 months OR $1,495 for one year for tech support. I said WOW… He then said there was a special and I could pay only $1,000 and get a second year free. Red flags were flying in my head. Before I realized anything he had an invoice made up and my credit card info on it. Suddenly on the other line AmEx Fraud Dept was calling me. I told him and he said they had had some issues with that and to ignore it. … I then put him on mute while I called a friend who told me none of this sounded right. I made sure the charge didn’t go through and made up an excuse and said I’d just have to call him back and deal with it later. … Well, I went ahead and did payroll and thought I must’ve talked to an employee who was stealing from the company… SO… I called a second number when I got home to report this incident. I spoke to a guy and gave him all the details on what happened. He explained to me that there were companies who were scamming people and claiming to work for Intuit. … He then pulled up the website of the company from this morning and said they had nothing to do with Intuit. Next he pulled up a website and said his company was this site and showed me a little certificate thing on their page… which meant they truly represented Intuit.
    I asked him if this happened alot.. He said sometimes. I asked what the worst he had heard was and he told me someone tried to get $2500 out of a customer. He said it was very upsetting to people like him who truly worked for Intuit. Yes, most definitely so I told him!!!
    Next he said he would look at my QB and make sure all was ok… So he looked (after LOTS of hesitation from me) and said I had corrupted files from this morning… …and he pointed out I had no tech support……and it would cost me $595 to have it fixed….???????
    Exactly… I wasn’t falling in that trap again.
    I told him I had had a very long week and it’s Friday and I just don’t have the energy to deal with it….. so I would have to call him back Monday…
    I got him unconnected from my computer… I noticed he hung on until I did..
    What in the world is going on and if a person has a problem who should they call???

  15. This evening I contacted Quickbooks support because I could not connect to Quickbooks via their desktop app. A QuickBooks tech support guy asked me to look at some logs and after telling him what I found, he tried to sell me a $499.99 package which he said I needed because my computer was at risk and that the Quickbooks server wouldn’t allow me to connect because my computer was vulnerable to hackers and had probably been hacked. He said he refer the ticket to another technician who would do a number of tasks (too numerous to list). I told him that I had to think about it and he tried to impress upon me that my computer was at risk and if I waited until tomorrow who knows what might happen tonight. I told him to call me back tomorrow. In the meantime I found a way to reset the program and it now works flawlessly (well, as flawless as one can expect from QB onlline). Apparently, Intuit doesn’t believe in holding their employees accountable for running scams. I’m now looking for an alternative online accounting program.

  16. I had posted a question in the QB community today about a simple problem. I got a call a while later from QB support (Indian accent) and after she got remote access to my computer looked through several things, finally coming to the conclusion that some files are corrupted and my data is no longer syncing (I have QB online) and that I could pay a $400 one time fee for data recovery (I haven’t lost any data) or $1495 one year service plan or just less than $3000 for 3 years. I should have taken a pic of the screens she was showing me but as soon as I said I wasn’t interested she erased it all. But now I worry about what information she got off my computer.

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