The Decline and Fall of the Democrat Party

The high ideals expressed by John F. Kennedy in his inaugural address to the Nation spoke of sacrificial service to the country and the world. Today, the Democrat party is all about what the government can do for you. How far we have fallen.

4 comments on “The Decline and Fall of the Democrat Party

  1. And what has happened to the Republican party? It no longer supports any government at all. No money for infrastructure, for schools, for police, for anything but a strong military…feeding the military-industrial complex beast that Eisenhower warned of. Sad.
    It is time for a new, centrist party: http://on.freep.com/18H28yq

  2. You can’t spend money you don’t have. If the democrats won’t agree to substantial cuts anywhere, you can’t spend your way to prosperity. Education spending is probably the most ineffective federal program on record. The more the feds take in, the more it goes to bureaucracy and administration and not to services. I know, I used to work administering federal funds. More regulations and more bureaucrats is not a recipe for prosperity or for fixing what ails us. The centrist policy of avoiding moral issues will not work any more than trying to stay neutral on slavery or racism can bring everyone into a big tent. Abortion is not a private matter, it is the murder of a child made in God’s own image, a person no one has the right to kill.
    A person at 12 weeks

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